Seeing Our Savior In The Shroud

Seeing Our Savior In The Shroud

3/26/21, St. Mary Church


The Shroud of Turin is the most studied, mysterious, and controversial relic in the world.  Together, with the Sudarium of Oviedo, it is the fabric which wrapped the body of Jesus during his time in the tomb. 

Over the years, skeptics have said that this burial cloth is a fraud, claiming that it was a mere work of art, originating in Medieval Times.  During our evening of reflection at St. Mary on March 26th, 2021, our parishioner and Shroud of Turin enthusiast, Al Righini, introduces over 25 years of research which proves its authenticity.  Below, we will be sharing some additional resources and two feature presentations of his program, "Is this the Face of Jesus?" 

Note: Images and research are collected from various sources, cited in the full length videos and resource list below.


These videos were used in the 3/26/21 presentation at St. Mary Church.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the full broadcasts from Salem Community Television.

Shroud 101: An introduction to the Shroud of Turin, highlighting its physical features, the studies conducted on it in 1978, and the mysterious image imprinted upon it.

Crucifixion: An analysis of the Shroud as it displays the markings of the Passion of Jesus.

Connecting with Christ: An offering of historical and Biblical references which we can use for reflection.


Intro Prayer:
Heavenly Father, May the Holy Spirit lead us and guide us through this talk and reflection. May our words have a positive effect on those gathered here tonight. May this venerated and mysterious shroud strengthen the faith of all your Christian followers, and turn any non-believers into believers – just as your Son did when he appeared to his apostle, Thomas, after his resurrection and told him “stop doubting and believe.” We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

Prayer before the Crucifixion section:
Dear Jesus, As we take time to observe and reflect upon the markings of your suffering, let us be filled with gratitude that this act of love was done for our salvation. We pray for a deeper understanding of both your life and your death, and we seek to be ever more connected with you. Amen

Reflection after the Crucifixion section:
Sin separates us from God – Without a full payment for sin, all people would be forever separated from their Creator.
Jesus died in our place – As God in human flesh, Jesus chose to die for us, in our place. By giving his life, Jesus made full payment for our sin, receiving the punishment/wrath we deserved.
The cross was an act of love – The point of the crucifixion is not to make us feel bad for Jesus. Instead, the crucifixion powerfully displays the incredible depth of God’s love. Jesus transforms guilt into glory. Because of his love, God sent his only Son to die for us!
The gift of salvation – Planned before the universe was created, the death of Jesus was God’s great gift. Everyone can find forgiveness of sin and new life by placing their faith in Jesus Christ.

Prayer after the Crucifixion section:
Lord, as we draw near to the commemoration of Your own suffering and death, help us to unite our crosses to Yours. Help us to see in our daily struggle Your presence and strength. Help us to see the purpose you have for us in the midst of these challenges. Help us to see you in those who struggle around us and respond with love. In the end, let us remember that the cross leads to the empty Shroud and empty tomb; to resurrection. All of the struggles lead to salvation. Jesus, I thank You. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen

Closing Prayer:
O Lord Our God, By meditating on your words and on the marks of Christ’s Passion, imprinted on the Holy Shroud, we have better understood the abundant and selfless love which made Him sacrifice himself for us. Help us to recognize him in those who suffer around us. We want the love which he came to bring on earth to spread throughout the world. Grant us this in the Name of Jesus. Amen

Bible verses related to the evidence on the shroud can be found on the flyer below... "What the Shroud Reveals/What the Gospels Tell"

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 Shroud Negatives Large Prints

 3D Face Mold

 Wrappings & 3D Information

 Scourging - Flagrum

 Thorns of Crown

 Crown/Cap of Thorns

 Lance Piercing

 Coins on Eyes

Please note: excerpts of these broadcasts were used in the 3/26/21 discussion, with permission from Al Righini. These are published here as additional research, offering in-depth looks at incredible evidence pointing to the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. 



Source: Salem Community Television