Mass & Confession Times

Mass & Confession Times

Sunday morning | 9:30 am
Saturday evening | 4:00 pm

Monday, Tuesday and
Thursday mornings
 | 7:00 am


Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic, mass attendance is limited to 40% capacity.
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Adoration is Back:
3rd Thursdays, 8-3

3rd Thursday of the month, 8am - 3pm
Sign up for time slots in the back of the church or simply stop by to look, pray, listen, and nurture your relationship with Jesus!

Interested in more adoration??

Visit St. Michael in Exeter, Wednesdays 8:30am - 8:30pm


Reconciliation has Resumed:
Saturdays 3-3:30 in the Sacristy

Fr. Matt and Fr. Bart are hearing confessions on Saturdays at St. Mary's.  Confessions will be heard in the sacristy rather than in the small reconciliation room and all the usual safety precautions must be observed, including mask wearing and keeping six feet of distance between yourself and the priest or other parishioners.  We will crack a window to allow fresh air into the room and you will have an option of sitting in a chair opposite the priest and sanitizing it afterward or simply standing to confess so as not to touch any furniture. 

So that the most parishioners may participate, we ask that you please be as brief and concise as possible.  Time for confessions is 3-3:30pm and we must end promptly so that the sacristy can be prepared for Mass.

Gluten-Free Hosts
If you suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease,
please see the priest before Mass about receiving communion
with a gluten-free host.